Breeding some of the smoothest Gaited Horses in the Industry.

Our Gentle Stud, Storm

Our stallion Storm is one of the most sought after studs in Eastern Idaho for trail and pleasure riding. If you want color, disposition, and smooth gait, Storm has it all! Storm passes on his smooth gait, color and disposition.

Cooled Shipped Semen

We provide cooled shipped semen across the United States and Canada. We do not live cover. We offer artificial insemination in the Southeast Idaho area.

Stud Fees & Costs

Stud Fee: $500 (plus all vet and shipping fees)

Please contact Dr. Geary at 208-624-1711 at Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Fremont County, Idaho for applicable veterinary collection and shipping fees.

portrait of our stud, Storm.

Mares and Foals

You may choose from one of our mares to get a specific foal. We ship foals at the time of weaning across the country (all shipping fees are paid by the buyer).

Healthy Living Conditions

Our horses are treated like family. All foals are handled from birth, which makes our horses excellent companions as well as trail horses.